The Role of Your Website in Your Digital Marketing

The ever-growing essence of today’s technological trends has revolutionized every single aspect of business competition. If previously businesses could rely on referral marketing and limited mediums to promote their services and succeed, nowadays this can never be enough to stay in the market. 

Thanks to the new digital game we live in, everyone has the world literally at their fingertips. Physical borders do not pose a problem anymore, and the world has become more accessible for both individuals and businesses. With these new opportunities expanding your circle of consumers and raising your brand’s awareness may seem to be a snap. However, you can easily get lost among the grid of competitors without employing the right techniques to stick out. 

On this note, we should highlight the importance of your online presence on this digital frontline. If you already have a website, you have made the first step towards securing your spot in the market. However, let’s make one thing clear, the mere existence of your website won’t add more digits to your sales. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, you should make full use of your website.    

So, as an ambitious business owner, you should never take the power of your website as an unparalleled marketing tool for granted. If you have ever wondered how a website can contribute to your business success, then you are in the right place at the right time. 

Now your attention, please! In this article, we will discuss the role of your website to your digital marketing strategy.

The role of your website in your digital marketing

What is a website marketing strategy?

First things first, let’s understand what website marketing is. Website marketing is basically the deliberate promotion of your website to attract more visitors who can potentially become your customers. Of course, having more visitors increases your chances of selling your products and services. However, it is important to remember that your sails are not necessarily directly proportional to your website traffic.

More  precisely, if your company sells beard care grooming kits, there is a very low probability that the visits of 17-year-old girls will be converted into sales. Therefore, it is important to direct your techniques towards identifying your target audience and converting them into customers. Your target audience consists of those who might be happy to learn about your brand and spend their money in return for your company’s value proposition. 

The primary goal of your website marketing strategy should be to push your rank upwards in search engine result pages. The reason behind this is quite simple. According to a recent Sistrix study websites that are positioned first in Google search results have a click rate of 28.5%, and the lower you rank the less your click rate will be. For instance, only 2.5% of people would click on your website if it was in the 10th position. I believe after seeing these numbers there is no need to discuss how doomed the ones not even making it into the first page are.  

Yes, I can’t deny that these numbers can be quite depressing. However, even in this kind of competitive environment, there is a way-out and a well-tailored website marketing strategy is the answer to all your “how-s”. 

All you need to do to conquer a larger market share is a well-defined strategy on attracting target traffic and providing them with a memorable user experience.  

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of creating informative and entertaining content about your company and everything that is somehow linked to the concept of your company. This will allow your target audience to learn about your brand and expertise. For instance, if you are specializing in makeup products, it would be quite attractive if your target audience could learn how to identify their perfect foundation shade or learn what kind of products are recommended for them based on their skin type right on your website. 

Providing your customers with the content they need is one of the best marketing tools you can use to promote your brand and products. Do you already have a website? Then what holds you back from utilizing the full potential of this platform to improve your sales? Your website is the perfect room for your custom content, and this statement should never be underestimated. For this exact reason, 91% of B2B marketers employ content marketing to reach their customers, and 86% of B2C marketers believe that it is one of the most important website marketing strategies. Moreover, it is worth noting that 86% of companies prefer blogs over other available formats. So, if you got excited with these numbers but can’t decide what’s the right medium to start your content marketing journey, then the answer is right here: START A BLOG.

Blogging is your best content marketing buddy

Nowadays, blogs with videos and infographics are among the three primary types of media produced for content marketing. A paragraph won’t be enough to count the reasons for considering having a blog on your website.  But let me try to compress the main reasons in a couple of numbers. First and foremost, websites that also have blogs have 434% more indexed pages. This is quite important since if your webpage isn’t indexed, you won’t appear in search engine results and won’t get any new visitors. 

Furthermore, 57% of marketers claim that they have gained new customers explicitly through blogging. Research has shown that blogs are 13 times more likely to get a positive ROI than other content marketing mediums. Additionally, 60% of people get thrilled to buy a product once they read some kind of content about it, and 82% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after reading custom content on their website. Enough Stats for today! The numbers you can find above do nothing but once again echo “Content is King.”

So, as an ambitious business owner, you should think about using your website as a platform to address your consumers’ needs through quality content. Keep in mind that having on-point and informative content on your website can totally change your digital game. More precisely, it may boost your traffic and attract more customers. However, also don’t forget that “a little professional touch never killed nobody.” EFFEECT is here to lend a helping hand throughout mapping and realizing your content strategy. Contact us, and our team of passionate professionals will find the best possible solution for your brand.

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

As long as you have created on-point and catchy content to address your customers’ needs, you can utilize the perks of search engines and optimize your website. 

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the art of boosting your website’s visibility when people search for products and services offered by your company. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the higher your visibility is, the higher are your chances of grabbing people’s attention.

Don’t forget that page two and page three of search results have a combined click-through rate of only 6%. This means that only 6% of your potential customers would switch from page to page to find your website. Just take a look at the graph below, and you will understand why optimizing your website for search engines is so important.


How does SEO work?

Now, it is crucial to understand how search engine optimization actually works. Search engines such as Google or Yahoo use special bots to crawl the available web pages. Those bots go from page to page, gather information about those pages, and then index them. We can use an analogy of a library to understand how this works. Let’s assume an index is a huge library. 

The librarians’ (the crawlers) job here is to find a book that contains the information you are looking for. Imagine how amazing it would be if the librarians read all of the books in the library, and knew exactly which books contain most of the information you need.  Eventually, you would get the books in a specific order, from the most to the least relevant. This is exactly how the algorithms work. They crawl your web pages, analyze your information and keywords, and then rank you according to those findings.    So, basically, to optimize your website for search engines, you have to choose the right keywords.

The role of keywords in SEO

Keywords are the terms and phrases that people search to find the products, services, and information they are looking for. Keywords not only help you engage more visitors but also allows you to grab the attention of your target traffic. For instance, if you are offering some house cleaning services all over California, I am pretty sure that having visitors looking for cleaning services from the United Kingdom wouldn’t be a gamechanger in your business. Therefore, you can easily limit the circle and make it easier for your potential customers to find you through employing relevant keyword phrases. In this case, “cleaning services in California” would be the right keyword. 

Therefore, peppering your web pages with keywords is crucial and is possibly the only way of increasing your company’s visibility. In fact, your blog can be one of the best rooms for your keywords. What else can contain so many keywords, if not an article linked to the products and services you offer?

Thus if you want to promote your website and increase the visibility of your web pages, you should optimize them for search engines. According to a Hubspot report from 2020, 64% of marketers actively invest time and effort in search engine optimization, and you know what? THEY UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT. 

Trust me, You should never underestimate the impact a well-tailored SEO strategy may have on your digital game. It may drive 1000%+ more traffic to your website than organic social media. Keep in mind that Google dominates the search engine market with almost 93% market share as of June 2021. So, if you haven’t considered including SEO in your website marketing strategy, you should definitely rethink this. Otherwise, you will simply lose a large proportion of potential customers. End of story.

How does SEO work

Email Marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing

So far, we have seen how incredible the role of your website in your digital marketing strategy is. Your website is your best digital marketing buddy, and we have already discussed the significant role it plays in your SEO and Content Marketing. However, its role shouldn’t be taken for granted in other digital marketing strategies as well. If you want to push your business to its full potential, you should definitely consider having a full-pack digital marketing strategy. The latter should also include Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Those are equally important and will attract new visitors to your website, AKA potential customers AKA more sales. 

If you still question the efficiency of these three website marketing techniques, let me share with you these findings. According to eMarketer, the average return on investment (ROI) from email marketing is 122%. Furthermore, a recent study has shown that marketers mention an increased acquisition of new customers as the top outcome of using social media marketing techniques. Lastly, 50% of people arriving at a company’s website are more likely to buy something than those who came from an organic link. 

Remember that despite which technique you use, your website is the digital room you should walk your visitors to. It’s a perfect platform that provides your potential customers with more detailed information about your products and services. Thus you should never underestimate the role your website plays in your digital marketing campaigns. 

Final Thoughts

So, in this article, we summarized the reasons why your website is your best marketing buddy. The incredible role it plays in your digital marketing strategy should not be taken for granted. If you ever underestimated its importance to your business, you should definitely rethink this. Your digital marketing strategies, including your website marketing strategy, should be on top of your to-do list. It is the only way to grab the attention of your potential customers. Keep in mind that without growing your website, you have a very low chance to stand out. 

Yes, having a website is amazing. As mentioned before, it’s the main attribute of your digital marketing campaigns, including Content Marketing, SMM, PPC, SEO, and Email Marketing. However, it becomes utterly useless without a well-thought-out website marketing strategy. Thus having a professional hand throughout drawing this route is of equal importance. If “what should I do next?” is the first question that comes to your mind after reading this article, then contact us, and our professionals will come up with the best possible solution for your business.   


Website Marketing is basically the deliberate promotion of your website to attract more visitors who can potentially become your customers. It’s all about making your online presence work harder to boost your sales and visibility.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is  the art of boosting your website’s visibility on search engines when people search for products and services offered by your company. 

Content marketing is the art of creating informative and entertaining content about your company and everything that is somehow linked to the concept of your company. This will allow your target audience to learn about your brand and expertise.

The answer is YES. You can find some reasons below, and much more in the article;)

  • Websites that also have blogs have 434% more indexed pages.
  • 57% of marketers claim that they have gained new customers explicitly through blogging. 
  • Blogs are 13 times more likely to get a positive return on investment than other content marketing mediums.

Keywords are your secret weapon. They match your content with what your customers are searching for online. By weaving the right keywords into your site, we connect you directly to your target audience, boosting your visibility.

Your website is your digital HQ. It supports every aspect of your digital marketing, from SEO to content marketing, email campaigns, and beyond. A strong website attracts, engages, and converts your audience into loyal customers.

Investing in website marketing is a game-changer. It not only enhances your online presence but also drives more traffic, engages your audience more effectively, and increases your sales. With the right strategies, your investment pays off by growing your business.

Let’s forge your success story together!

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