Branding, Logo design, social media and content management:

Projectum is a newly established company specializing in design and construction. Considering the specificity of the market, the company approached our team with several inquiries. Those inquiries have been addressed by our team through a well-rounded Digital Marketing Strategy. As a result, after careful consideration, brainstorming, and discussions with the client, our team boiled down to making the following steps to achieve the best possible outcome for the company in the long run:
  • Establishment and management of social media accounts  
  •  Branding and Logo design
  •  Content Writing for the website
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Increase in qualified leads
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Increase in unique webite visitors

The Callenge

First things first, Projectum is a newly emerging construction and design company. Therefore, taking into account that the company needs to secure its place in the market from scratch, it was crucial to give it the right start without taking any of the details for granted. Although one might think that the success of a construction company does not necessarily depend on social media, despite the field of operation, a company’s credibility highly depends on the way they are displayed online, including their website and profiles on various social media platforms. Furthermore, considering the quick switch of today’s world to online, providing your interest group with some information about your company, ranging from the offered services to your hands-on experience, is more efficient and considerate. Thus, after doing insightful research, we pinpointed the aforementioned aspects our digital marketing strategy had to cover.

The Solution

Firstly, our team has created a logo that fits the identity of this business. Further, our team created unique content for the company’s website and managed the social media profiles in accordance with that content. We implemented a multidimensional Social Media Marketing strategy, including the establishment of the company’s online presence on Facebook and Instagram. Ultimately, this was done to attract potential customers, and increase the website’s conversion rate since it is the main platform where visitors could gain complete information about Projectum’s experience and specialization. Secondly, as mentioned above, our team has also tailored and created unique content for their website. Considering the specificity of the market, it was highly important to do thorough research and provide the visitors with as much content as possible. In short, to implement the digital marketing strategy, our team took the following steps: Established the Projectum’s Social Media accounts Implemented subject-specific content for their website Created standout and attractive designs Did a Keyword/hashtag research Did a Competitive research Designed a unique logo for the company

The Results

As a result of the previously explained activities, Projectum experienced an increase in the number of website visitors and conversion rates. Overall the number of consumers and clients increased by almost 220% in 3 months which is truly impressive considering the specificity of this market. Furthermore, the social media platforms gained organic leads and followers, and finally, the number of website visitors increased by 310%.

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