Customer Base Expansion and Improvement of Online Presence:


Perfumious is an online retailer specialized in fragrances. They sell all major designer brands, ranging from classic and celebrity perfumes to body products. The company approached our team with two imminent issues they have been facing lately

  • the need to raise awareness of the company’s products and services 
  •  the need to improve their online presence
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Increase in qualified leads
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Increase in post engagement rates
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Increase in unique webite visitors
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Increase in sales

The Callenge

First and foremost, considering the grid of available substitutes in the market, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic when most companies switched to online sales, the company faced the threat of getting lost among its competitors. As a result, they experienced an instant drop in their sales. Thus we had to find a way to increase brand awareness, reach out to a larger audience and remarket the brand through demonstrating an individual approach towards their past customers. 

Secondly, the next issue faced by Perfumious concerned their online presence, particularly on social media. Although the company already had the profiles, they felt the urge to improve and redesign their presence. They came to this conclusion due to two main reasons:

  •  drop in their sales, and
  • a low Post Engagement Rate.

 There were several weak points on their social media platforms that we had to identify and address.

The Solution

After some time of brainstorming, we decided to take a multidimensional and multistep approach for solving the above-mentioned issues.

Firstly, we realized that there was a lack of individual connection between the company and their target audience, including potential and past customers. After doing deep research, our team found out that this was caused by the fact that the only information exchange zone existing between Perfumious and its target audience is their social media platforms. Although we should never underestimate the role social media presence plays in one’s digital marketing strategy, there is a very low chance to succeed only through relying on that model. Thus if one wants to ensure their spot in the market, they should also implement other marketing techniques and ensure their omnipresence in the life of their target audience. This is especially important for companies aiming to enter the global online retail market full of fierce competition. However, having only social media platforms ensuring your company’s omnipresence can be a challenge. It is because even when someone follows you, many other factors affect the algorithm. Those factors range from the accounts your followers mostly interact with to the time spent on Instagram. 

To address this issue, our team decided to employ a well-thought-out email marketing strategy. In this way, our professionals managed to establish a direct and individual connection between the company and its customer sector. This strategy aimed to present the available offers to both potential and past customers, to raise brand awareness, and of course, keep in touch with the ones who already interacted with the company previously. The latter is of utmost importance since it is not only about finding new customers. It is also about not losing the ones Perfumious already had. To bring to life the aforementioned tasks, our marketers

  • Did an insightful market research 
  • Identified the target audience 
  • Found relevant email data basis to use
  • Created a new database with the emails of past customers
  • Tailored modern and attractive newsletters 
  • Wrote killer newsletter content   

During the second stage, we decided to solve the problem regarding their social presence. Here we decided to change the whole design and content found on the company’s profiles. Our team boiled down to posting three times per week for building a following on the app, including pictures and designs that match the company’s concept bringing a whole new level of aesthetic to their feeds. Furthermore, we also launched some custom marketing campaigns to ensure their visitors never lose their interest in the brand despite how often they wanted to purchase something. This was done to change the first impression Perfumious left on its visitors, increase the post engagement rate and reach. All this was peppered with highly eye-pleasing designs and content. To serve the above-mentioned purpose our team 

  • Made custom designs and content for the company’s profiles 
  • Revolutionized their feeds 
  • Started unique campaigns to ensure Customer Engagement 
  • Made sure the posts and content target different interests 

The Results

As a result of the previously explained activities, Perfumious experienced an increase in qualified leads and experienced higher post engagement rates. By attracting more attention and revolutionizing the first impression this company left on its visitors, we could successfully overcome the devastating drop in sales. All this, combined with the increased number of website visitors, made the number of sales increase by 200%.

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