Social Media Marketing Campaign For An Open Publishing Platform:

Pactnuel is an online publishing platform that allows users to share their writing and thoughts with a large audience. It offers a clean, user-friendly interface and a focus on quality content. This platform provides a digital service that enables authors and publishers to distribute and sell their written content, such as books, articles, and blogs. Being an open publishing platform, its main objective is to establish a digital zone that provides an easy-to-use interface for publishing and distributing content (e.g., text, images, videos) to a global audience without any barriers or restrictions. This initiative aims to empower individuals and organizations to share information, ideas, and perspectives freely, reach a wider audience, and create a more open and connected world.

The key advantages of this platform that were worthy of being highlighted throughout designing the strategy were: 

  1. Accessibility: Being an open publishing platform, Pactnuel allowed for greater accessibility and distribution of information to a broader audience.
  2. Collaboration: Pactnuel allowed multiple contributors and users to collaborate and share their work with others.
  3. Flexibility: As an open platform, it offers customizable features and a wide range of tools for authors and publishers.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: As an open platform, it had no costs associated with using its services, making it an affordable option for publishing content.
  5. Transparency: It promoted transparency and accountability in the publishing process.

Social Media Platforms Leveraged


  • Instagram 
  • Facebook 
  • Linkedin 
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Increase in qualified leads
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Increase in post engagement rates
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Increase in unique webite visitors


  1. Algorithm changes: Social media algorithms frequently change, reducing visibility and reach. To overcome this, it is critical to keep experimenting with different types of content and post frequency to ensure the best possible results. 
  2. Low engagement: This was yet another challenge faced by the client. Posting content that is not relevant or engaging to their target audience resulted in low engagement rates. To overcome this, it was essential to create a content strategy that provides value and appeals to their target audience and use visuals to make their posts more engaging and memorable.
  3. Competition: With an increasing number of publishers and content creators on social media, competition for attention can be high, affecting the platform’s performance. To overcome this, it is crucial to focus on providing unique and valuable content and employ case-specific strategies to reach a wider audience.
  4. Staying current: Social media is constantly evolving, making it important to stay up-to-date with new features, trends, and best practices. To overcome this, it is critical to keep track of the latest developments and trends in the social media world and adapt our strategy accordingly.
  5. Website traffic: It refers to the number of visitors and the amount of data sent and received by their website. Unfortunately, the platform was not that popular, yet it experienced low rates of website traffic, which was also one of the key focuses of our strategy.
  6. Limited Budget: The budget for this project was quite limited, which meant that the focus should be directed toward generating organic engagement and reach for the platform.


After identifying the key challenges and features of this platform our experts designed a unique strategy to improve the overall performance of the latter. First and foremost, we boiled down to using our 12-post Social Media Marketing package for this client, considering the importance of not tiring the target audience as well as not confusing the algorithms. 




Content-wise our strategy entailed the following:

  1. Sharing book covers: We shared book covers and trailers to ensure our target audience received up-to-date recommendations matching their interests. The book recommendations included various genres, and each post related to this side of our strategy focused on a single genre, ensuring our recommendations’ user-friendliness. This was done to attract attention and encourage followers to check out the books and keep following them to receive more in the future. 
  2. Promotion of user-generated content: It was critical to keep the content relevant but at the same time diverse for our target audience. Thus, we made sure to allocate a specific section of our social media marketing towards sharing user-generated content to showcase the platform’s community and the various topics, articles, and opinions shared on the forum. 
  3. Using relevant hashtags: Creating and utilizing pertinent hashtags to make it easier for users to find and follow the platform on social media was yet another critical strategy deployed. 
  4. Build a following: We built a following on Pactnuel by consistently publishing quality content and engaging with other users. Creating a sense of community is one of the key advantages of this strategy. 
  5. Engaging with the Pactnuel community and Increasing website traffic: Since it was vital to create a sense of community as well as provide people with a free platform where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and content, it was essential to add a call-to-action mechanism to increase the organic engagement for this. The shared content provided a brief summary of what is already available, directing users to the website to learn more and encouraging them to share their opinions through open discussion questions. 

Visuals and Imagery


It is essential to note that our designers identified the key colors that are relevant to the concept of this brand and created an entirely new visual representation for it. The brand’s visual transformation was not limited to the colors only. Now the platform was showcasing itself with custom icons and characters explicitly designed for this platform. It was done to ensure that their posts’ visual representation was as memorable and exciting as the content itself. The visual imagery of their social media platforms was transformed completely, identifying a more entertaining meanwhile professional tone.


Despite these challenges, hotels can still use social media marketing to successfully reach and engage with their target audience, build trust, and drive bookings. By developing a clear strategy, creating engaging content, and leveraging the right platforms and tools, we were able to overcome these challenges and achieve our client’s vision. In this case, we used social media marketing to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and improve user engagement establishing a decent case study of implementing a successful social media marketing campaign for an open publishing platform. 

  1. Increased website traffic: The number of visitors to the website as a result of the social media marketing campaign increased by around 150%. 
  2. Improved engagement: The level of engagement generated on social media, such as likes, comments, shares, and mentions increase by around 320%. 
  3. Increased brand awareness: The impact of the social media campaign on brand awareness, including reach, impressions, and engagement encountered impressive rise. 
  4. Increased conversions: The number of conversions from social media to the website, including sales, leads, and sign-ups increased by around 45%. 
  5. Platform performance: An analysis of the performance of each social media platform used in the campaign, including which platforms generated the most engagement and conversions has proven the efficiency of the campaign. 
  6. Followers: Pactual saw  a 50% increase in social media followers

This case study demonstrates how our team uses social media marketing to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and improve user engagement for an open publishing platform. By creating visually appealing and engaging content to drive organic reach of the target audience, we were able to attract new users and establish the platform as a worthy competitor. 

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