Digital Marketing Packages And How Much Should The Pricing Be?

Innumerable agencies across the globe offer digital marketing services. Every agency commits to enhancing their client’s digital and social presence with the optimal use of SEO, PPC ads, content writing, and much more. However, there stands one aspect that adds diversity to all digital marketing packages – the price. 


Pricing of any product or service is what attracts the client. The quantity and quality of service provided under competitive digital marketing package pricing fuel a lot of your client conversion rates. The prices should be compatible with your value-added services that deliver measurable results for the client. 


Questions like ‘Am I charging enough?’ ‘Do I need to change the pricing model?’ are bound to pop up. To make this process easy for you, here are a few points of consideration that can help you build an effective digital marketing packages pricing:

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Company Expense and Experience

While finalizing a price, you must consider the expenses you must make as a company. Production costs, professional fees such as tax, and additional expenses necessary to grow the company. 


Moreover, you need to price as per your expertise. You may charge on a higher end if you are an agency offering digital marketing packages for more than ten years with renowned clients. On the contrary, a start-up with limited experience has to consider affordability to attract clients.

Choose a Pricing Model

If you are in the initial phases of your agency, you can start with an hourly fee model. It is simpler to maintain, especially for clients who ask for multiple edits. Once you think you are ready to scale, you can move to other models. 

You can try a project-based or retainer model. The project-based pricing enables you to charge a particular amount for an entire project. The retainer model is more long-term, where you set your client for a fixed number of hours or deliverables. You obtain a prepaid sum from the client. 

The recurring or package model entails setting a fee for a monthly or yearly plan. E.g., a digital marketing package offers SEO optimization, several posts and campaigns, and other services. This model provides clarity regarding services and results for the client and the agency.

If nothing fits your client range, you can go for customized pricing, where you charge for your client’s specific needs.

Diversity of Services

You need to understand the services you provide for an ideal pricing package. Diversity in services ensures profitability at all times. For each service, determine the price by adding the cost and markup. Also, keep in mind the scope of work for each client while charging the services. 


Along with these pointers, you can formulate your charges by analyzing the pricing models and average costs of your competitors. Reviewing the market demand and competition is essential for the right pricing.

Bottom Line

Effeect, a leading digital marketing agency, offers the most competitive digital marketing package pricing. With experience and experiments, you can reach the correct price point for your agency. Consider all your service and agency’s internal and external factors while finalizing a price.

Let’s forge your success story together!

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