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Crypstorm is a newly emerging informative website aiming to keep the crypto community up to date about the ongoing trends. Here, those who are just taking their toddler steps in the world of cryptocurrencies and those who have decent experience can find something informative. This platform’s target audience includes everyone who has a mere interest in cryptocurrencies. 

The company approached our team with two imminent issues they have been facing lately:

  • Increase the number of website visitors 

  • Improve their online presence

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The Callenge

First and foremost, Crypstorm is a newly emerging informative platform, needing to establish its spot in the market. Considering the number of available substitutes in the market, the company faced the issue of not getting enough attention and promotion online. Taking into account the fact that this company’s operation happens solely online, the implementation of an on-point and well-thought-out digital marketing strategy was of utmost importance. Furthermore, considering that the company is new in the market, one thing was for sure: the starting point had to be set right. Thus after a few brainstorming sessions, our team has identified several solution strategies and decided to take a multidimensional and multistep approach for solving the above-mentioned issues.

The Solution

Firstly, considering the online nature of this company we implemented a multidimensional Social Media Marketing strategy, including the establishment of the company’s online presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram. This strategy was tailored specifically for this company because after researching the topic, our team concluded that Telegram Marketing is a proper model to implement in order to increase the reach and promote the website. On all of the mentioned social media platforms our team took the following steps:

  • Established the Social Media accounts 
  • Implemented subject-specific content 
  • Created standout and attractive designs 
  • Did a Keyword/hashtag research
  •  Did a Competitive research

Furthermore, the next step we decided to take to promote the platform was On-site Marketing through peppering it with SEO-friendly Content on their Blog section. This was done for two specific reasons:

  • To drive visitors not only from social media platforms but also from various search engines.
  • To make sure that those who visit the website after our Social Media Marketing don’t leave it because of not finding the information they have been looking for and convert. 

Indeed, when there is a need to promote a website Social Media Marketing and On-Site Content Marketing are conjoined strategies. One without the other won’t bring the long-awaited results. In the framework of our On-Site Content Marketing strategy our team:

  • Tailored a monthly Content Marketing Strategy 
  • Found Relevant Keywords to optimize the website for Search Engines
  • Provided the company with SEO-friendly and well-researched articles

The Results

As a result of the previously explained activities, Crypstorm experienced an increase in the number of website visitors and conversion rates. Overall Conversion Rates increased by 300% in 2 months which is truly impressive.

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