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Perfumious is an online retailer specialized in fragrances. They sell all major designer brands, ranging from classic and celebrity perfumes to body products. The company approached our team with two imminent issues they have been facing lately


LORR is a newly emerging Metaverse platform established as a bridge between Web2 and Web3. It’s a frictionless, sustainable partner for brands and their customers to grow in Web3 and broaden their boundaries beyond the conventionally acknowledged form of eCommerce. After designing customer and business-friendly strategies to revolutionize the market, they were ready to launch and make their unique approach to the larger public.


Crypstorm is a newly emerging informative website aiming to keep the crypto community up to date about the ongoing trends. Here, those who are just taking their toddler steps in the world of cryptocurrencies and those who have decent experience can find something informative. This platform’s target audience includes everyone who has a mere interest in cryptocurrencies.


Projectum is a newly established company specializing in design and construction. Considering the specificity of the market, the company approached our team with several inquiries. Those inquiries have been addressed by our team through a well-rounded Digital Marketing Strategy.


Pactnuel is an online publishing platform that allows users to share their writing and thoughts with a large audience. It offers a clean, user-friendly interface and a focus on quality content. This platform provides a digital service that enables authors and publishers to distribute and sell their written content, such as books, articles, and blogs.


Ibiza is a full-service hotel and spa offering its guests unique experiences and a new level of luxury. Being a type of accommodation that combines a hotel with a resort, they provide various health and wellness services such as massages, facials, body treatments, and saunas. 

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